An email address alone does you no good if you cannot create a concise and actionable email. Creating such an email is a true art form. Here are 7 tips to getting the response you need from an investor.

  1. Summary in the Subject

    Summarize what you want the investor to reply to. If you have a question about fundraising, then write: Fundraising Question. Being concise is 100x more impactful than a vague subject line.

  2. Start With a Nice Gesture

    The first sentence in your email dialogue should be kind.  Try writing: I hope all is well OR I truly admire [company] and what you stand for.  This will give the email a better tone for your question.

  3. Get to the Point

    Your question or reason for writing should be the first sentence after the nice gesture.

  4. Legitimize Yourself

    Don’t send an email from If you are a student use your .edu email, otherwise use your work email.

  5. Who Are You?

    Write one sentence about who you are after “the ask”. You can also create an informative signature.

  6. Be Genuine

    Do your due diligence on the investor. VC’s, angels, and mentors are extremely busy and they deserve to receive a thought out and genuine email. Find out what the investor likes. Using an app like Refresh could help make the future dialogue go smoother.

  7. Timing is Everything

    Statistics show that people check their email between the hours of 7am-10am. Catch that window.

After using these tips I have had CEOs and founders of large private and public companies reply within one week. One founder called me within 5 minutes of sending the email.

This post can be used to best reach out to those founders in the previous post How to Find Any Investor’s Email.




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