Disclaimer: This is a reblogged post from Petovera by Matt Ackerson

Do you ever find it easier to do what you want rather than do what someone else taught you, even if they’re an expert?

I do, all the time.

Why? Because change is hard, and we all prefer something more familiar to the friction of a new idea that is not yet fully understood through first-hand experience.

I talk to about three dozen entrepreneurs and business owners a week, many of them some are existing clients, and others are just friends. And beyond that I read about ten different blogs to keep my marketing knowledge up to date with industry and technological changes.

Then, little by little, as I optimize our website, meet with my team, and create content, I also work to implement the best ideas learned from my studies and conversations.

But it didn’t always flow organically like this. I used to not even start, because I didn’t have a clue of where or how I should spend my time.

“Maybe Facebook? Maybe Twitter? I’ll try to get more fans, sure. No, now, I’ll just try Facebook ads. Ok, now maybe I’ll write a blog, I haven’t written a blog in a while… Ok, I wrote five words, now it’s time to take a break and watch Mixergy.”

It comes down to building habits that build your marketing ability and marketing assets over time. Here are the top 10 most worthwhile marketing habits you should consider adopting as your own.

Habit 1 – Write 1000 words per day (Email doesn’t count)

Habit 2 – Learn by observing what works for others

Habit 3 – Tweak your sales engine weekly

Habit 4 – Send a weekly newsletter

Habit 5 – Exercise your creativity: write down 3-5 marketing ideas

Habit 6 – Observe what is already working for you. Focus on scaling the “peaks” 

Habit 7 – Send at least 5 emails a day to complete strangers daily

Habit 8 – Post relevant content to your social media channels

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If you want to learn the details about Matt’s 8 habits, click here to view the post in its entirety. 



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  1. These are all really great tips for online marketing. Research is one of the most important aspects for any marketing strategy to be successful. A little trick that I do is to use flippa.com to find high-ranking websites and then entering the URL into a free website reviewer to find out their keywords, backlinks, and more.


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